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HFP works with artists either as creative collaborators, or to record their work: theatre, performance, visual art, dance, coding, music and more.

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Artist Julie Livsey travelled to Iceland to shoot mesmeric footage. HFP turned it all into this film for her (Arts Council)

HFP has a long-standing involvement with non-narrative/artist's film.

We worked, fifteen years ago with seventeen artists and groups repeatedly converting analogue images and sounds to digital and vice versa. They used : 16mm film, drawing on film, digital and analogue cameras, copiers, fax machines and more.  Artists worked with the artefacts each conversion introduced.

Working with a large Newcastle Primary school children made a non-narrative film based on Newcastle's famous quayside. We started by taking thousands of close-up photographs of where different materials met: glass/plastic, wood/chrome and so on, initially around the school.  They filmed on the quayside at day and night-time using both digital video and 16mm film, and stills cameras.

HFP regularly is asked to film theatrical performances. In this case a short clip from a longer performance for a mature student's M.A. piece of verbatim theatre.

We are equally at home working in a theatre, or outdoors for multi-location, multi-camera  performances, processional theatre, parades.

More artist's film from Northumberland-based Julie Livsey from her Meeting House Project (Arts Council)

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 Inspiring People and Communities Through Film and Animation for 22 years
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