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Dance, Theatre, Events.  We work collaboratively, or to record all types of performance. We also work with companies to make projections to integrate into their performances. We film events, theatrical performances in the round, processional theatre, in conventional proscenium arch venues, outdoors - wherever.

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Tales of a Long Conflict filmed (excerpt here) here at The Fire Station Arts Centre in Carlisle toured venues across Cumbria and was made by Prism Arts.  Told in the round, the piece looks at WW1 from both sides.

Two projection screens, a PA, and live coding - The Benton Park Coding Orchestra (here in a short excerpt) performed  and live coded music and images.  We mixed video files and the performance itself.

Projections made for performance of a gamelan orchestra.  We ran two projections with 6 loops live.

A short section of a piece performed using sea reconstructed like a Georgian theatre trick (six people manipulating) mixed with a blue-screened sea serpent.  Made with Prism Arts Studio West Coast Theatre.

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 Inspiring People and Communities Through Film and Animation for 22 years
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