HFP has worked extensively in Heritage: Buildings, Natural Heritage, Conservation, school heritage and more

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Miracle Workers is about the tens of thousands of people who worked at the largest munitions factory in the world in WW1, stretching nine miles around Gretna in Dumfries and Galloway (Devil's Porridge Museum)

Kurt Schwitters fled Nazi Germany just before WWII. His work was regarded as Entartete Kunst, Degenerate Art. Because of his epilepsy and art Schwitters would have been sent to a concentration camp.  This film, through documentary, animation, live action and puppetry traces his enforced migration which ended in Cumbria, England, where he died in 1948 (Prism Arts)

Haltwhistle Paint factory is a piece of Industrial Archeology which influenced most lives in a small Northumberland town for nearly a hundred years.  We interviewed people who had worked there, found old footage of the factory, worked with schools to animate paint factory stories, and sorted and displayed hundreds of photographs from throughout the factory's lifetime (Heritage Lottery):


This brief interview with a Primary School History Coodinator gives some insight into one of the ways we work with children on Heritage projects.  She is discussing a project about a WW1 balloon pilot's experiences, recorded in his detailed diaries:


HFP collaborated with The Sill National landscape Centre, and Headway Arts (Blyth) exploring how geology affects folk tales, and their connection to the landscape.  Originally intended to produce a touring show of projections film and live theatre, of necessity because of the pandemic  we produced a series of films (Heritage Fund):


Carlisle has a rich history relating to its textile industry.  This animation, made for Prism Arts was made during lockdown and premiered online with five others.  Young people with learning disabilities researched the industry's history, and then generated stories, outline storyboards and characters which HFP used to generate the animations.

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